Living With Style: Light Up Your Home for the Holidays

By Sasha Witte
Gazette Columnist
Nov 17th, 2018 

Lighting is an important design element in any part of your home.  

But as the nights come earlier and we get ready to entertain family and friends for the fall and winter festivals, it’s worth thinking about how to bring comfort and beauty to your home with lighting.

Entry Areas


None of us want to enter into a space under harsh lighting. Bring grace to your entry way with soft illumination. 

Consider adding a dimmer to any overhead lighting and enhance the space with the addition of lighting at eye level via wall sconces or an entry lamp with a warm colored shade.

Dining Room

Living With Style: Dining Table Lighting

A beautiful chandelier above your dining table adds magic to your dinner parties.

Proper lighting is essential in this room as it is a space often used after dark and the hub of most formal entertaining. 

A chandelier is a must-have for any dining room.  It often serves as the room’s focal point while also shedding light on the table below. The bottom of your chandelier should generally hang between 30 and 36 inches above the center of your table. 

Buffet lamps are a nice enhancement to this room.  They have a narrower profile than most table lamps to leave plenty of space for your food serving area. 


Living With Style: Kitchen Lighting

For your kitchen, a combination of recessed and decorative lighting is optimal.

In the kitchen, adequate lighting is a must.  Consider a combination of recessed lighting and decorative lighting in the form of semi-flush ceiling fixtures or pendants over a bar or island area. 

Make sure lighting placement is in such a way that you will never have shadows cast over your work area.  One way to help prevent this is with under cabinet lighting thru-out.

Living Rooms

Living With Style: Spruce Up Your Living Area

Spruce up your living area with lighting from a variety of sources.

All our rooms are hopefully rooms for living, but this particular room gets especially heavy use this time of year. 

Consider sprucing it up and balancing out the levels of light within the space by using a combination of floor and table lamps. 

Also consider the dramatic use of up-lighting behind large potted plants or sculptural artwork.


Living With Style: Soft Bedroom Lighting

In Bedrooms, consider soft lighting for romance and sconces for when you or your partner want to read in bed.

Ideally the bedroom is a welcome respite from the intensity of our days.  Perhaps in no other room is it more important to have lights that can be dimmed for a soft and peaceful backdrop. 

But if you or your partner also likes to spend time reading in bed, make sure to have bedside lamps that will offer good illumination.  Better yet, add reading sconces on either side of the bed to keep your tables clutter free. 

Living With Style: Bathroom Lighting

Bath lighting at eye level is optimal for doing makeup and hair.


 Have you ever stood at the sink in a restaurants lavatory and been aghast at the harsh unflattering light coming down from above creating dark shadows across your face? 

Avoid this effect in your home bath with lighting that not only comes from above, but also forward from the wall – preferably at eye level.  This will also provide better lighting for shaving and makeup application.  Your guests will also be grateful. 

Sasha Witte Living with Style

There are so many bright possibilities out there for beautiful lighting! 

Here’s to being surrounded by beautiful light!

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