Living With Style: How to Transform Your Master Bath

By Sasha Witte
Gazette Columnist
Apr 21, 2018 

We no longer want our bathrooms to be simply functional — we want them to be spaces where we can relax, unwind and be visually inspired.  Ideally, it’s also a great idea to give it a touch of panache.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.


A Master Suite

Don’t think of your bathroom in isolation from the rest of the home.  Make sure there is a good harmony and flow between all of the spaces, in particular your master bedroom. 

Living With Style: Focal Point

Consider your bathrooms focal point, often it is your mirror and sconces.

—Gazette photo by Sasha Witte

Have a Focal Point

Often either the tub area or the vanity and mirrors are the main centerpiece to a well designed bathroom.  Consider adding a bit of eye candy and sparkle to this area with a beautiful light fixture, a more dramatic faucet or a recessed tile mosaic for a bit of wow.

Living With Style: Think of the Tiles

Remember floors are slippery when wet, so smaller mosaic shower floors are the best.

—Gazette photo by Sasha Witte

It’s a Wet Wet World

Water on the floor can make for a slippery surface.  That's why mosaics or smaller tiles are often used on the floor of showers for more traction.  Consider porcelain plumbing fixture fittings which won’t show water spotting.

Living With Style: LED Lighting In The Master Bath

Consider adding not just ceiling and wall light, but also LED lighting at your cabinets toe kick as a night light.

—Gazette photo by Sasha Witte

Let there be Light

For today’s bathroom, most prefer a bright and airy environment with a mix of both natural and man made lighting. 

If you like to read when in the tub, make sure to allocate soft lighting that will make this possible.  For your vanity area, make sure to not only have light from above, but also light from sconces or wall lights to give you nice even lighting to do make up or shave by.  Make sure to have all your bathroom lighting on dimmer switches so you can control the brightness of the lighting for uses that are strictly atmospheric for spa time and more bright for doing make up at night.

Fixtures & Fittings 

There is a plethora of plumbing fixture options on the market today.  Do not feel limited to the sink and shower fixtures you see on display at the big box stores.  Talk to a designer to find fixtures in a wide variety of styles and finishes that can be the perfect finishing touch for your room.

Adding Color


Paint is one of the easiest and less expensive things about a room to change later.  But if you’d like a color scheme that will last a very long time, consider creating a space using classic black and white tile as its primary palette.  Soft blues and greens always feel fresh and spa like too. 

Add a Playful Touch

If you’ve got room to add furniture in your bath, consider a vanity bench lacquered in a brighter hue and topped with a whimsical fabric pattern.  Or consider wallpaper or paint in a contrasting color at the back of a glass front storage cabinet used for towels and baskets of spa supplies. 

Spa Details

Living With Style: Master Bath Details

Add details that will pamper you in your master bath, like a towel warmer!

—Gazette photo by Sasha Witte

Make sure to outfit your tub and shower areas with details that remind you to take the time to pamper yourself in your private bath.  When retiling a shower, ask your tile installer to add one or two recessed niches large enough to house your shampoo and soaps.  This keeps the rest of your shower area less cluttered.

And remember, whatever your sense of style and your unique needs, we are here to assist you with either a consultation or managing the full bathroom remodel.

Here’s to making your bath a more inspiring and better functioning space!

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