Living With Style: Simple Luxuries to Enhance Your Home

By Sasha Witte
Gazette Columnist
Jan 27, 2018 

Ideally our homes are not just a roof over our heads, they are also the environments that most nurture and inspire us.  Here are a few ideas for things that aren’t essentials in life, but certainly enhance our home experience!

Living With Style: Lighting Luxuries

Lighting at various heights in a room makes it feel more balanced.

Beautiful & Effective Lighting is very important.  Ideally it should come not just from cans overhead, but from a combination of lighting at various heights in a space.  For instance, bathroom lighting at the ceiling and at sconces on the wall framing your mirrors is much more effective when getting ready and prettier to boot!  Think of the sconces like the earrings you would add to enhance an outfit – the perfect finishing detail!


In a kitchen, ceiling fixtures with a combination of cans and semi-flush fixtures plus LED lighting below your upper cabinets is practical when prepping a meal and pretty as a night light when dimmed in the evening.  Often our backsplashes are like the art in our kitchen, so highlighting them in the evening with the under cabinet lighting is also very attractive.

In a living room I like a nice semi flush fixture or fan at the ceiling with a combination of floor lamps and table lamps.  Add up lighting behind a plant or sculpture at the corner and voila – atmosphere!

Living With Style: Side Table Luxuries

Attractive side tables are a great way to add both practicality and a touch of visual interest.

—Photo courtesy Sasha Witte

Of course, dimmers are the ultimate detail in adding simple luxury to your home.  It gives you wonderful control of your atmosphere and can take it from bright to romantic in mere moments.

Side Tables add comfort in a living or family room by giving everyone a place to put their drink.  Attractive coasters also help guests feel comfortable knowing it’s safe to set down their glass and relax! 

I am a big fan of some of the little “cigarette tables” out these days.  Perfect for small spaces, most of us don’t use them for ash trays these days but do use them as a practical and attractive place to sit down that martini glass!

Living With Style: Cozy Pillows

Cozy pillows and beautiful drapes are two of the best ways to add color and comfort to a room.

—Photo courtesy Sasha Witte

When choosing a side table, think about it as an opportunity to also add a contrasting finish into your space.  If you are heavy on fabrics and wood in your family room, a small side table in metal adds a touch of contrasting brightness.

Cozy Pillows that are generously scaled and plump with softness add a level of coziness into a space at a minimal cost.  Consider adding a couple new ones to your bed, a chair or perched on a sofa!  They are also a terrific way to add an accent color into a space!

Consider adding floor pillows to your family room.  They can be stored in a trunk or stacked in a corner to add extra seating for movie nights!

Beautiful Drapes are both functional and a wonderful room enhancement! 


Consider adding a combination of sheer and solid drapes in your bedroom for the ultimate in light control.  The sheer gives you privacy during the day while letting in lots of beautiful light.  The solid drapes can be closed up at night to give you the ultimate in a luxurious darkened room for sleeping at night!

Accessories & Art that speak to your inspirations and loves!  Surround yourself with special items that remind you of vacations taken.  Collect items that fascinate and inspire you.

Living With Style: Accessories, Art

Add accessories and art that tell the story of you and what you love.

—Photo courtesy Sasha Witte

Add art that inspires you in the form of glass vases, hand carved wooden trays, paintings by local artisans or whatever it is that floats your boat and reminds you how wonderful it can be to live a life filled with opportunities to be inspired!

Collecting things that tell the story of you separates your space from being merely decorated to being one that reflects who you are!

The decorator Billy Baldwin put it best; “No room is comfortable until there’s something to sit upon, put upon and gaze upon.”

Happy Decorating!

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