Living With Style: Money-Wise Investments For Your Long Beach Home

By Sasha Witte
Gazette Columnist
Dec 23, 2017 

As we finish out one year and begin our planning for the coming year, it’s a time when many of us begin to naturally think about our plans and goals not only in life but also in home improvement.

As we do so, here are a few projects that experts have consistently said make your home more valuable, while also making it more livable for you! 

Renovate your Kitchen

Living With Style: Money-Wise Renovating Kitchens

When renovating your kitchen, be sure to include all the items most people consider necessities and to honor the heritage and style of your home.

—Gazette photo by Sasha Witte

If you own an older home, this is a remodel that can often add value to your future selling price.  Focus on making the space work better while also incorporating quality cabinets, fixtures and appliances.  Make sure to include all of the items most people consider “necessities.”  You might enjoy hand washing your dishes, but it’s likely the next owner won’t.

Living With Style: Money-Wise Unfinished Space

If you are lucky enough to have unfinished space in an attic or basement, consider finishing it out as a space that will benefit you and potential future owners.

—Gazette photo by Sasha Witte

Expand Into Untapped Space

Are you lucky enough to have a basement or a large attic?  Consider building out these spaces as a finished media room, a home gym or a home office space.  Not only will you be gaining a new home experience you desire, but potential buyers will see it as a space that can set your home apart from others with its additional useable square footage.

Redo your Bath

Living With Style: Money-Wise Bathroom

It's often said that what wins the heart of potential female home buyers is a beautiful master bath.

—Gazette photo by Sasha Witte

It’s often been said that what wins the heart of potential female home buyers is a beautiful master bath.  Consider making yours sing with upgraded lighting, tile and fixtures.  And who doesn’t enjoy a spa bath and showering experience?  There are wonderful options available that don’t have to break the bank account.

Enhance your Landscape

Living With Style: Money-Wise Enhance Landscaping

Enhance your landscaping by creating outdoor rooms, including spaces for our canine family members!

—Gazette photo by Sasha Witte

By creating outdoor “rooms” for living and entertaining, we can extend the square footage of our living spaces.  This can often be done by adding a deck at the back of the home.  But sitting and dining areas worked into the landscape can work too while adding charm.  Make sure to include exterior lighting in your plans, so you and any future owners can be charmed by your garden areas at night too.

Play up the Character

Living With Style: Money-Wise Painting Home

Play up the character of your home with paint colors.

—Gazette photo by Sasha Witte

Examine ways you can enhance the character of your home.  If there are moldings and decorative details, make them more visible with your use of paint colors.  Add light fixtures both indoors and out that reflect the style of your structure while adding drama and warmth.

Here’s to making your home work for you both today and in the future!

Sasha Witte can be reached at Sasha Witte Design or (562) 434-8824.


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