Living with Style: Often Overlooked Master Bedroom Can Become Retreat

By Sasha Witte
Gazette Columnist
Aug 16, 2017 

Often the master retreat becomes the last focus on the to-do list of work to be completed at home. This month I hope you’ll consider giving yourself the gift of a serene and comforting space to retreat to after a hard day’s work. Here are a few ideas for you.

Add color to the space. Pale blues and greens create a wonderfully serene space while warm tones such as tan and burnt orange reflect beautifully on the skin.

Consider the pallet you crave most and then layer it into the space with paint, window treatments, bedding and a beautiful area rug.

Please the senses – all the senses. Consider adding a small water feature inside the space or right outside your window for the peaceful sound of water trickling into a basin.

Find a scented candle fragrance that you love and make sure to light it each evening when you return to your special retreat.

And texture is so important. Make sure your bedding and upholstery in this room is especially tactile and soft.

Darkness when sleeping is craved by many individuals I’ve worked with. Interlining and newer microfiber backing products for drapery can allow your drapes to lay much more beautifully than the black-out linings of the past while still giving you pure darkness while you sleep.

Black out drapes can help keep the room dark.
Black out drapes can help keep the room dark.


Make sure that there is separate lighting inside your closet so that your partner can get ready for work without having to turn any of the main bedroom lights on.

And consider layering both a sheer and a solid drapery treatment so that you can have the ultimate in control – privacy with filtered light during the day, and full darkness at night when sleeping!!

In lieu of a fireplace in the bedroom, which most of us don’t have the luxury of having, add romantic lighting with decorative lanterns and candle holders. Cluster them together for a more dramatic impact.

If you are concerned about flammability (in case of falling asleep with a candle burning…) consider the battery operated candles that you can easily find now. When they are inside a beautiful lantern or glass candle holder, it’s hard to tell the difference!

A readers delight – Make your bed a luxurious place to retreat with magazines or a good book. I often recommend swing arm lamps for in bed reading. They are easy to adjust and switch on and off separately so that they are less likely to keep your partner awake. They also leave your bedside table clear for use in other ways.

Hotel inspiration – Think about some of your favorite experiences traveling. What was it about the suite in your hotel that you found especially pampering? Look for ways to add those inspirations to your own space.

Playful art and accessories can complete the room.
Playful art and accessories can complete the room.

Seasonal changes – Perhaps the most luxurious option of all is to have different bedding for the winter months than you do for the summer. Consider light weight and paler options for the summer months while purchasing cozier options for the fall and winter.

Consider having both summer bedding and winter bedding.
Consider having both summer bedding and winter bedding.

My wish for you is that you won’t skimp on attention to the bedroom just because other people don’t usually see it. Our bedroom retreats can impact the quality of our lives and help us to feel more comforted and nurtured when we begin our days back out in the world.

Sasha Witte can be reached at Sasha Witte Design or (562) 434-8824.

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