Fall 2018 Newsletter

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Welcome to the last e-newsletter!! There is a time for change, and while I know this newsletter was an excellent way for us to stay in touch with all of you over the past decade, I have been switching over to other forms of communication over the past couple of years.

Each month I write a couple of design articles for our local Gazette newspaper. I also have my design blog which I enjoy sharing my design thoughts to. I have posted links to both of those below and hope you will continue to follow my ideas and our design work on one or both of those platforms.

On a happy personal note, Wendy and I just returned from Del Mar where we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. What a beautiful part of the California coast! And for those of you with pups, they have an absolutely fabulous dog beach that we took Trixie to every morning of our visit!! I can't recommend it highly enough!

I hope your autumn is off to a beautiful beginning and that you and your loved ones are healthy and enjoying your home nest!

Love, Sasha

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