February 2017 Newsletter

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It has been one of the greatest joys and adventures of my life having this little shop on Broadway for the past decade.  But it is time for new adventures and joys.  My wife Wendy retires in May and I am looking forward to the opportunity to spend more time together.

That means going from a typical 55 to 60 hour work week to a 35 to 40 hour one.  So - Design Studio continues, home boutique closes.

Stella and I will still be available for all your interior design and remodeling needs, but my wife Wendy and I will be able to also travel and perhaps attempt golf and paddle boarding!

What a wonderful "first world problem" - I get to be sad about closing a shop that has given me such wonderful lifetime experiences and led me to meeting so many of you!!!

I will still be hosting monthly art events - so stay tuned for those - they will just be held in other locals.  And there will still be items that can be purchased thru our website - stay tuned for that as well!!

In the meantime, come and celebrate with us this Saturday for our last event at the shop featuring the fabulous Debbie Rodriguez!  AND be sure to come by and take advantage of the incredible savings we'll be offering until we close our shop doors on February 28th!!

Cheers to Change!!!


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