I've been searching for a quote to put on the wall at my back stair - A final thought to hold as I walk out into the day.


Some top contenders have been:


"Live well, laugh often, love much."


"A good laugh is sunshine in a house."


"It matters not what goal you seek, its secret here reposes:  You've got to dig from week to week, to get results or roses."


Today I found a new quote - so simple and small, but big in its meaning:  "Scatter Joy."


It's a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.


This really struck a chord with me.  We sometimes romanticize past history and want to believe decades or centuries past were easier times to live in - compared to today's fast paced hectic million-things-to-do-a-minute world.


But this simple quote from Emerson caused me to pause and reflect on what unites so many of us past and present - a desire to take stock of what's important and to bring peace and laughter to ourselves, those we love and those we just happen to pass on the street.


As we start the New Year, I'm taking stock of ways I can "Scatter Joy."


Here are a few ideas: 


Write a Note:  Keep a supply of cards at your desk so it's easy to write a simple line.  Email is great - but it's made the act of receiving a thoughtful card in the mail that much more special.


Send Flowers:  Or better yet, bring flowers from your own garden.  A few months ago for my birthday, a neighbor brought me the most amazing arrangement of flowers from her own yard.  It was just incredible to know she had not only spent the time nurturing these flowers to bloom - but then had given them in such a thoughtfully made arrangement.


Deliver a Present:  Baked bread, a candle with decorative matches, a book you've just completed and want to share...  These are all wonderful ways to give love.  My dad likes to clip interesting magazine articles and send them to me with a note.  These always bring me joy in knowing I was thought of.


Invite a Friend to Dinner:  Simple food or the excuse of trying out a new recipe can bring us together to connect. I have friends that often host a Friday Night Wine Club.  Everyone who shows up brings a bottle of wine to share, and the hosts put out simple appetizers.  Fabulous!!


Helpful Home Improvement:  I have a friend who is a genius at organizing.  She's given me the gift of assistance organizing my office.  For other friends she's helped them pull together and organize their cluttered family rooms.  What a difference it makes having a clean and well organized environment!

Whatever you do to bring joy to your life and the lives of those you love, I wish for you an amazing year of health and happiness!                    




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